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"Because You Deserve MORE Realty Services!"

We are proud to present to the Orlando and surrounding Central Florida area our Brand Of Real Estate Services!

Hello, my name is Don Johnson (Owner/Broker), I developed some programs that I am really proud to present to the fellow residents of my hometown (and home state – I’m a sixth generation Floridian) in an effort to address the exorbitant fees and commissions being charged on the “selling price” of homes.

MORE Realty Services LLC offers real estate services to both the home-buyer and the home-seller that add substantial value to the real estate services they already seek. That’s why our slogan and motto is . . .

“Because You Deserve MORE Realty Services!”


First let’s address our Home Owners that have a house they are thinking of selling, afterall, without the seller there would be no homes for sale, so then buyers could not purchase them and so on. (This is one of those chicken or egg questions)!

"Because You Deserve MORE Realty Services!"

What you will find is that most listing agents approach a home owner and many times actually work harder to justify the amount of the commission then they might in actual sales and marketing of the property. They give a list of reasons why they “are the best”, the “neighborhood specialist”, “your Realtor for life”, and so on and so forth. That’s just standard operating procedure for most agents, it’s simply how they were taught.

The problem with that approach is it will cost You more then is necessary to market your home in today’s marketplace. This is not to say that just a few years ago it wasn’t expensive to “Advertise” a home for sale. It actually was. The media had a monopoly on advertising rates and they took advantage of their power. Today it is a totally different beast! The beast called the internet.

The internet made it less costly to market most products. So why then is it that at a time that marketing has become cheaper, the average agent made a higher rate of commission last year? I also asked myself that question and concluded that, it just isn’t necessary any longer to charge huge listing side commissions to the consumer, they deserve MORE Realty Services, for less … and my goal is to provide them exactly that service!

HOME BUYERS Unfortunately most agents live hoof to mouth like so many other people in today’s world. This leaves them AND You vulnerable to less then desirable conduct. They may get you to buy something that they knew deep down just wasn’t right for you. I will never treat a client as a commodity. They are deserving of my very best efforts, knowledge and skills at all levels of the journey.


We Simply Refuse To Charge You Those Fake Rip Off Fees Other Companies Charge!
This applies to both Buyer AND Seller side transactions we handle personally.

They Charge Fees From $199 to $695 – An Are In Addition To The Commission!

We Find That To Be Outrageous … That’s Why We Say …


The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™ Is For All Homeowners

Visit HERE to see our The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™


Thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve your real estate needs!

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