Orlando Area New Construction

The Time Is Now to buy your new home. Interest rates are as low as you will see them which means you can buy MORE home for less money. Inventory is extremely low on resale housing which is driving up prices for homes that for the most part need a lot of work.

So why then would you not want to look at new homes in the Orlando area? Prices are right, interest rates are right, builders are eager for your business … BUT … remember this … Builders represent themselves – NOT You!

It will not cost you anything extra … AND … it may in fact pay you to use my services to help you into that new home since Orlando area new home Builders often present agents buyer incentives for us to bring them our clients.

Take advantage of their offers to us while getting the home you want! PLUS … unlike most agents I will not simply drop you off and let the builder take over. If I am to expect to be compensated, just like any normal sale, then you should expect that I still have your back when it comes time to actually buy the home you are spending your hard earned income on each month.

I will fight for you through the process to make sure you are getting exactly what you should and that everything closes the way it is suppose to close.


We look forward to serving you and becoming the company of choice in your future.

Thank you.


Donald E. Johnson

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