Selling A Home In The Orlando Area?

Consider this, there are many hurdles and pitfalls to cross in the real estate selling process. It’s like playing a game of Jenga, except the stakes are much higher. .

We take selling your home very personal since we understand that it is your home. The selling process can become cold and callous and busy body buyers roaming around your home is uncomfortable at best. With this level of stress already involved we know that you need someone that is competent and can handle the tasks required to sell a house in today’s complex legal, lending and government environment. That’s why when you entrust Don Johnson as your Real Estate Broker you are hiring one of the very best in this industry.

There are literally hundreds of items that must be fulfilled to sell a home these days due to the regulations imposed on even the simplest of transactions. Don is one of the few Real Estate Brokers in the Orlando area that has gone the extra mile to ensure that knowledge is power that YOU can count on when selling or buying a home.

Don Johnson acquired a degree IN Real Estate, is a licensed Real Estate School Instructor, has taught over 1,200 agents and brokers over the last thirteen years and is the owner/broker of MORE Realty Services LLC based in the Orlando Florida area. I remain very hands on with every transaction to ensure that my clients are taken care of like a family member. It IS that important to me! So when I state “Because You Deserve MORE Realty Services” it isn’t a cool, catchy motto … it is how I feel … don’t you?

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? That’s the bottom line from a consumer standpoint, and rightfully so in my opinion (since I also am a consumer). That is basic Sales101 teaching. When addressing to a group of salespeople during a training session this is a question posed.

So what is in it for you? How can MORE Realty Services help you better then anyone else and why should you entrust them with one of your most valued possessions?


As a sixth generation Floridian, (my ancestors were actual Florida settlers), and as a native of Orlando I take great pride in being one of the very few that can offer you insightful, real and first hand knowledge of the Orlando area and the current conditions of the real estate marketplace. You will be hard-pressed to find another agent/broker that could provide you with the level of market knowledge that I bring to the table. This same knowledge is extended through to my agents as well if one of them is your servant while selling your Orlando area home.


As a Real Estate broker my product is not only selling properties. Knowing what you can do is just important as knowing what to do when a client is selling and/or buying a home in the Orlando area. As a licensed real estate school instructor, and as someone that has taken the time to not only do continuing or extended education as mandated by state law, I also spent hundreds of hours obtaining an Associates Degree IN Real Estate Studies. If you puruse our Blog you will see that I stay abreast of the current trends of today as well. Product Knowledge is also Market Knowledge … they go hand in hand … and that is one thing I will provide you that most agents simply can not … both sets of knowledge!


You will undoubtedly hear many companies and agents tell you they have the ultimate marketing plan or system. The truth is very little “marketing” results in me actually being the one that sells your house. WOW … how many agents do you think would tell you this and is it something you want to hear? YES! You should hear it, because the fact is I can provide you with every gadget out there both online and offline and the results will be the same nearly 90% of the time without fail … that being that … marketing more often helps the agent in getting leads for other homes to sell then it does for the owner they are listing. That’s just a fact. This is why my fee’s are lower then theirs. I am not going to sue your equity to attract people that will 90% of the time buy someone else’s home and not yours.

INSTEAD … I will use the one tool that can help you the most with the greatest efficiency and detail that will help us arrive at your goal. THE MLS.

The MLS will sync your property to a network of literally over a million salespeople. That is a sales-force with selling homes that are in the MLS at the top of their mind. That’s why you should think about offering them incentives to get the job done faster. As you can see from our commission below you will have room to offer the agent (or better yet the buyer) incentives to make your home their top pick out of the dozens they will be viewing. The MLS is a very powerful tool and so I spend an extraordinary amount of time making sure it is utilized to it’s greatest functions. Easily 50% of the listings inside the MLS are barren and lack pictures, videos, virtual tours … these are the things that drive buyers to get their agents involved … or even buyers to contact me directly.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still market your home in the other manners they are telling you they’ll do and even more (and they are charging YOU the marketing costs to get buyer leads for other homes – not yours) … I just don’t charge you for it … that cost gets paid by the seller the buyer ends up purchasing from when we close. Click Here To See All Our Marketing Tools Now!

I hope you find my honesty a bit refreshing and eye-opening.


Unlike my competitors that have kept their fees high, along with adding this thing called a “Transaction Fee” of anywhere from $100 – $700 (it’s like one of those unnecessary car dealer add-on fees) … I simply refuse to be like that when it comes to doing business. If you somehow equate higher commissions, add-on fees and hundreds of newbie agents as a better business model then MORE Realty Services is not likely to be the choice you will want to make today … well because we’re not like those companies. My business model is FULL SERVICE based on affordability you deserve.

So exactly how much and what are we talking here you ask?

First … NO TRANSACTION FEES … ever … and I will not allow someone else to try and pass them on to you if you are a buyer through us to boot (yeah other companies try that too).

Second … our listing commission is simply 1.5% of the final selling price of your home when listed through MORE Realty Services LLC … (We have a $997 minimum on full service listings – This does NOT include Short Sales – we charge 3% both sides due to their complex nature and the length of time to get one closed).

Third … YOU decide the buyers side commission we leave that totally up to you … it can be a flat fee or a percentage of the selling price or a combination of them both. Unlike our competitors that is left up to you to decide, not what we decide … it is your home! We do suggest between 2-3% of the final selling price to stay competitive.


Let me help you to get your home on the market and SOLD while providing you the greatest service you will ever know and absorbing most of the headaches of selling. Fill in the form below and let’s get started today! Thank you for choosing MORE Realty Services LLC.

Now that you are really ready to start thinking about what it takes to sell your home, why not take a moment right now an use the form below and let us know some basics about how we can help you to get it on the market and SOLD in as little time and difficulty as possible.

* Please Note * By entering your data you are consenting to us contacting you in the future. Rest assured, as a licensed real estate brokerage we take your privacy quite seriously and would never rent, sell or otherwise give away your information without your permission. Besides, how would you ever trust me with a home selling decision if I did something that stupid. Go ahead and contact me today to get started on selling your home.

We look forward to serving you and becoming the company of choice in your future. Thank you.
Donald E. Johnson
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