Consider this, there are many hurdles and pitfalls to cross in the real estate purchasing process. It’s like playing a game of Jenga, except the stakes are much higher. If you’re not careful you can lose the home of your dreams by just missing a timeline that is essential to staying within the bounds of the purchase agreement, or it may be that you didn’t include a simple clause to ensure you received your earnest money deposit back because the seller didn’t disclose everything you needed in order to make an intelligent offer to purchase their home for sale, or possibly you didn’t “understand” the Standards of the Contract and are now stuck with a property that only litigation can help you get out of and maybe receive some sort of compensation for your troubles.

Yes, there are literally hundreds of ways for you to lose out on your dream home or lose your downpayment money altogether when seeking to purchase that home for sale in the Orlando area, that’s if your agent will even actively be seeking your dream home on a full time basis, since many are part time “weekend warriors”.

It’s one thing to buy a car on your own, but even then with all the options, leases, paperwork and financing terms they throw at you these days, it’s almost become necessary to hire a “Car Broker” that only has your best interests in mind, and not just their own bottom line profit. Plus there are so many other considerations.

In today’s real estate market there are so many ways for you to get taken it is just no longer a joke. People are redirecting unsuspecting buyer’s calling on signs to them and saying they are the listing agent, or even the owner. They may be using signs that seem to be an actual agent, and most notoriously the owner looking to lease their home. Before you know it you are handing over your hard earned deposit and other monies and that’s when the tug of war really begins, that is if they can even be found. Please don’t get offended by the picture – it just happens to be what is happening out there at this very moment! (See my license information on the Official Florida State Website Here)

A quality real estate agent is worth their weight in gold to you, because when you hire an agent to Represent You Exclusively when looking at homes for sale in Orlando, they will be able to qualify the property, the owner/seller, and the agent, to ensure the property and seller are in fact who they claim to be so you can move ahead with confidence.

Plus it (normally) doesn’t cost you a cent to hire me as your real estate agent, because the commission I receive comes from the sales proceeds and not from your pocket. So in almost every case there is no out of pocket expense for my services other then the actual costs for buying a home like appraisals, credit reports, and inspections. Builders will charge you a certain amount for a home whether they pay us a commission or not, so it is wise to use an agent even when shopping new home purchases.

For investors I have a different criteria, and any seasoned real estate pro won’t turn themselves into a free work mule for an investor that promises great riches, so I have a fee schedule, – but remember – “you get what you pay for”!.

MORE Realty Services LLC can help you get from Point “A” to Point “Z” in the entire purchase process. We make sure that your transaction is managed so that you meet your goals. So, if you’re buying a For Sale By Owner, traditional resale, builder or distressed property, we can help you to get the job done and meet your needs … “Because You Deserve MORE Realty Services!”

Now that you are really ready to start thinking about the home you’d like, why not take a moment right now an use the form below and let us know some basics about how we can help you in your real estate needs. This information is loaded into our automated “Customized Home Finder Search Engine” that will notify you by email about any new listings that appear in the MLS, plus any new home offers that may be presented to us and it is free to use.

* Please Note * By entering your data you are consenting to us contacting you in the future. Rest assured, as a licensed real estate brokerage we take your privacy quite seriously and would never rent, sell or otherwise give away your information without your permission. Besides, how would you ever trust me with a home buying decision if I did something that stupid. Go ahead and contact me today to start finding the home you’ve been waiting to see. Thanks.

We look forward to serving you and becoming the company of choice in your future.

Thank you.


Donald E. Johnson

Email Me Directly Here

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