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More Real Services LLC is a Licensed Real Estate Broker located in the heart of the Central Florida real estate market in Winter Park and Orlando. We help sellers with homes for sale in the Orlando and Central Florida area to meet buyers looking for house to purchase!

The broker, Donald Johnson, is a native of the City of Orlando! Having been born and raised in the area of College Park and currently still residing in the City of Orlando, he has made Orlando Florida his home for life, and his passion for those looking to rest their heads here and call Orlando home shines through with his work.

MORE Realty Services LLC was born out of a vision of serving Central Florida home buyer and sellers with MORE dedication to their needs, their dreams, their desires and less focus on the commission and bottom line for the company and those agents that join us!

Our host of websites will intrigue many and baffle others because no other brokerage has ever looked at the real estate business quite the way our broker did when he first started planning the company while on a dialysis machine in early 2008!

Donald Johnson would lay there on a dialysis machine watching as millions of homeowners across the United States, and even tens of thousands of his fellow Central Floridians, were being forced into submission by banks and their “REO” real estate agents. They were losing their homes instead of real and true loan modifications being worked out. What made it worse for him was knowing that while all that occurred, at the very same time the average real estate commission percentage actually increased! He couldn’t help but to think of all this is just insane.

During this time real, legitimate, end user home buyers were shoved off to the sidelines while the money rich investors came in a gobbled up houses for pennies on the dollar, and then turned around and flipped the houses to those same buyers for 20%, 30% even 50% and higher profit margins while doing little or no work to those properties for the increased sales price! It was the same reason the bubble happened in the first place happening again, and even worse they were being backed by the hedge funds that used their own 401k’s and IRA’s.

It was after his transplant that he was finally able to start working on his dream of providing brokerage services to the people that needed his help and needed a break from the prices, rates and commissions that aren’t suppose to be so generic (We Like This Information On Anti-Trust Laws & Real Estate Brokerages) but are too seemingly familiar from company to company … it simply disgusted him!

Not to mention those trumped up “Transaction Fees” that it now seems every brokerage charges the buyer AND the seller! We Don’t – Won’t And Will NEVER Charge YOU What We See As An Illegitimate “Transaction Fee”!

Furthermore, if you’re a seller and use our FSBO services, some of these buyers agents will ask for you to pay their “Buyers” Transaction Fees for them … DON’T!

There are two reasons to deny their Transaction Fees request … One is that it is an erroneous profit maker for their broker and Two … if the buyer doesn’t pay it then their agent must, so it is THEIR fee … not the buyers and certainly not the sellers! I have never once had a buyer or seller pay one of these things on MY behalf … I took it from the commission as I should have but always maintained it was an erroneous expense.

Another aspect that encourage Don Johnson to look further than just a traditional brokerage model was the onslaught of Internet Marketing Companies POSING as For Sale By Owner advocates. They supposedly were there to help the Orlando FSBO by offering them a solution to help them sell while knowing that 91%+ were bound to fail using that same “system” they were selling them.

In fact some of their activities were border-line illegal, if not fully, and other than advertising could never legally offer that seller or buyer any legitimate help without recruiting licensed real estate agents – which is what they all do! MORE Realty Services LLC approach to helping the Orlando area For Sale By Owner is unique and actually helpful and mindful of that seller’s goal of saving money and putting MORE equity into their pocket at a closing with or without an agent.

Go ahead and take a look at our pages now and you will soon see a major difference in how our company does business and how theirs acts towards you! You will be asked by them for higher percentages, fees and Flat Fee amounts for lesser tools and service. We include in each of our programs service and tools that most will either never offer or want much more to include it or ask for an “add-on” fee to cover their expense. Our family of consumer friendly websites are listed below and throughout these pages and will introduce you, and the nation, how to Experience An Entirely New Way To Sell & Buy Real Estate! Thank you.

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